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R135TRACKS PRES. TOKYO SELECTIONs #002(2017.04.01)

R135TRACKS PRES. TOKYO SELECTIONs #002(2017.04.01)

この言葉をテーマにスタートしたマルチジャンルレーベル”R135 TRACKS” レーベル参加アーティストが楽曲をセレクトし、DJ MIXの形で発信する “TOKYO SELECTIONs”


“Put genres aside, good music is good music.”
R135 TRACKS has been started while bringing the slogan.
We will start new mix show TOKYO SELECTIONs which is including best one song for per month which is from some artists who join to R135 TRACKS.

The artist usually release Dance music but on the mix, they show some favorite songs which they listen to in normal day. When you do, like working, dating, driving something like that, if you listen to the mix as BGM, we will be happy:)

[00:00]Riot Ten, Sullivan King – Fuck It (Iso:R Select)
[03:13]Lab4 & UNIT 13 feat. Blue Eyes – Last Night (ni-21 Select)
[06:54]RoughSketch -2008Spirits (Madchild Select)
[11:10]Heatbeat – Mechanizer (Shusei Overflow Select)
[15:15]Craig Connelly feat. Jessica Lawrence – How Can I (John O’Callaghan Official Extended Remix) (Rinaly Select)
[19:17]SIGALA feat. John Newman & Nile Rodgers – Give Me Your Love (Q Select)
Clean Bandit ft. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul – Rockabye (Jack Wins Remix) (PLCe Select)
[25:12]DJ S.K.T – All I Wanna Do Feat Taet (Original Mix) (TTSYa Select)
[29:32]Aggresivnes – Rock This (Original Mix) (Ryoji Takahashi Select)
[32:02]EGO-WRAPPIN’ – 色彩のブルース(Tomoyuki Sakakida / 榊田 智之 Select)
[36:48]Joe – Good Girls (Izu Select)